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Here we inform you regularly about the latest news at SaWasDee Thai Massage.

!!! We are on vacation !!!

We are closed from 1st August until 20th August 2020.

!!! New price for shipping of vouchers !!!

We ship our vouchers caused by diverse incidents from now on via registered mail. We will charge 4 Euros for this.
Thank you for your understanding.


Our massage practice has been opend since the 20th of may 2020 with certain obligations.

  • people with symptoms, such as fever, coughing, colds, sore throat, shortness of breath, limb pain or diarrhea
  • there is a generall obligation to wear a mask
  • please care for a minimum distance of 1.5 metres, except during the massage
  • please disinfect your hands when entering our massage practice
  • collecting of names, telephone number, time of comming and leaving of every customer
  • during the massage our colleagues wear gloves and masks

Thank you for your understanding for our stated obligations.
Support us at our work. For your and our safety.

Your Sawasdee Thai Massage Team

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Krebsgasse 7, 90402 Nuremberg

phone       0911 / 92321688

mobile      01523 / 1768940

                 Business hours
                 Mon.        11:00  -  19:00
                 Tue.-Fr.    10:00  -  19:00
                 Sat.          10:00  -  15:00
                 Closed on holidays

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